5 Reasons to Trust DataVelocity
to Support Your Computer Network


We are passionate about what we do. And not about just fixing your computers. In addition to the requisite monitoring and maintenance of your computers and network for peak performance, we work with you to make sure your IT investments are in line with your business goals. It's a partnership we relish. The ability of our clients to meet and exceed their goals is by far our greatest satisfaction.


We love helping people. We love helping people. Helping people is at the core of our business. Our Account Manager is driven to not just achieve customer satisfaction but Customer Elation. We manage your IT vendors, from ISP to industry software, taking one more thing off your plate. Our entire staff will do what it takes to hear our clients say “Wow! You guys are GREAT!”


We are disciplined.Technology is little more than a set of processes put into place to achieve specific results. We run our tech services business by a set of processes put in place to achieve excellence in what we do. And we are extremely disciplined at following these processes in order to deliver consistent results.


We love to learn. Our technicians are consistently trained in small business technologies and certified in many. From the traditional and standard like hardware, maintenance, networks and operating systems, to newer technologies like cloud and collaboration. There is nothing our technicians have not been exposed to and cannot troubleshoot effectively.


We always think ahead. Our clients are never victims of unforeseen, yet completely preventable, disasters. Preventative maintenance is not the only way we make sure to stay ahead of any problems. We put our processes in to play when developing our project plans, and include looking at the foreseeable issues, common and uncommon.

Data Velocity is doing a fantastic job for America Press.It was the best decision to hire DV as our IT Consultant.We have a full service IT department at our disposal at a fraction of the price.
Edward Spallone ( Publisher & Chief Financial Officer , America Press, Inc. )